Sculptra Treatment

Restore supple youth with your own natural collagen


Thanks to collagen, youthful faces have rounded, full, elastic contours. However, faces gradually lose collagen after the age of thirty. This can give middle-aged faces a thin, gaunt, and weary look.

Sculptra stimulates your natural collagen production. Sculptra is injected under the skin where it triggers the same natural collagen production of youthful faces. You’re likely to appreciate softer contours, attractive smooth volumes and shallower folds.
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Restore supple youth with your own natural collagen


The treatment at a glance

Sculptra is a biodegradable liquid that is injected just below the skin. It’s very well tolerated and most all clients immediately return to their routines.

Sculptra is not a filler. Sculptra is a simple biostimulator, poly-L-lactic acid. It’s a biodegradable liquid that is injected just deep to the skin. The presence of this molecule induces the skin’s natural repair system resulting in greater collagen density and dermal structure.  A thicker dermis improves the shape, moisture, elasticity, and texture.

Too much sun is called photoaging. This is the cause of most all facial wrinkles and rough-textured changes. UV radiation penetrates the skin and breaks down collagen. The presence of poly-L-lactic acid (Sculptra) stimulates fibroblast cells to create new collagen. This typically takes  about 8 weeks. Repeat injections can offer greater improvement.


Yes. bellaboxx only uses products that have been studied and approved by the FDA. Sculptra was approved in 2009 for the treatment of dermal folds and wrinkles. It is widely available for use in over forty nations.
Dermal filler injections, including Sculptra, are medical procedures and should only be performed by professionals who are licensed and experienced in facial aesthetics. All medical procedures can have potential unwanted side-effects. The most common adverse event following a Sculptra injection is: injection site pain and swelling. Occasional bruising may develop, but typically resolves in less than 72 hours. Papules and nodules sometimes (<5%) develop several months after an injection, and typical resolve in 2-3 months.  Services performed by professional medical injectors have serious side-effect or complication rates of less than one percent.

The bellaboxx cost for Sculptra is $700 per vial. This cost covers our comprehensive medical services, including: review of your facial aesthetics; analysis of your skin health; education and discussion; Sculptra treatment; and, subsequent follow-up care.

No, your comfort is important. We know the face is very sensitive. That’s why we use the smallest injecting needles available. We also use anesthetics on the skin and below the surface. There is no lingering or residual pain, pressure, burning, or other sensations.

The skin’s reaction to Sculptra is to create more collagen. This typically takes full effect in about eight weeks. Your skin was much thicker when you were younger, and Sculptra stimulates the growth of thicker dermis. Thicker dermis has greater structural support and improvement in shape, thickness, moisture, elasticity, and texture.

If you do no other skin care, the noticeable improvement in shape, thickness, moisture, elasticity, and texture tend to last about two full years.


No. The improvement in shape, thickness, moisture, elasticity and texture happens gradually over two months. Your friends are most likely to think that you’re better rested, or maybe, simply in love.

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